Real Estate Leads and Appointments FAQ


U.S. Seller Leads and Appointments generates exclusive real estate seller  leads and scheduled appointments. Call (855) 221-4600.

Q. What is different about U.S. Seller Leads and Appointments?

A. U.S. Seller Leads and Appointments schedules the appointments and you meet with motivated prospects in person!

Q. How does U.S. Seller Leads and Appointments get real estate leads?

A. The association utilizes a call center, emails, websites, and national advertising.

Q. How are real estate leads distributed by U.S. Seller Leads and Appointments?

A. The way we assign appointments is as follows:

1. The consumer chooses the day and time they would like to meet with the agent.

2. We send you a text message with basic information about the prospect such as appointment date, appointment time, street, city, and zip along with any comments.

3. You can choose to take or reject the appointment.

4. If you decide not to take the appointment, it does not count against you and you will stay in first position for the next lead.

5. If you take the appointment, it is assigned to you in our customer relationship management system.

Text alerts may look something like this:

Real Estate Buyer Leads:

Appointment Alert from U.S. Seller Leads and Appointments: Real estate buyer lead! Prospect pre-approved for $200,000 by Wells Fargo bank. Wishes to buy three bedroom home. Appointment Date: Tuesday, December 7, 2021 - 02:56. Can you take this lead?

Real Estate Seller Leads:

Appointment Alert from U.S. Seller Leads and Appointments: Real Estate seller lead! Prospect scheduled for Tuesday, December 7, 2021 - 02:56, Located on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, 20016. Wants to sell current home and buy in retirement community.

Can you take this real estate seller lead?

Q. How do I define my territories?

A. Just provide us a list of your target zip codes. We can also develop custom campaigns for gated communities, retirement communities, water front properties, unique properties, and other niche markets.

Q. Can I specify a price range?

A. You can focus on certain price ranges by targeting the areas that have the type of prospects you would like to work with. You can reject any appointment.

U.S. Seller Leads and Appointments will schedule an appointment for any person who calls or schedules online. U.S. Seller Leads and Appointments will not discriminate based upon the area or type of prospect. No matter what area the consumer calls from, we work to connect them to a top-rated real estate professional in the given market. It is up to the real estate agent if they wish to take or reject the lead.

Q. Can I choose buyers or just sellers?

A. Yes you can. You can indicate only sellers or buyers when you complete the membership application, or you can just reject the lead at the time we send you a text message with the prospect scenario.

Q. What process do you use to pre-qualify a real estate lead and what do you mean when you say you schedule the appointments?

A. When a real estate lead is willing to meet with a real estate agent in person, we have found that the lead is much more serious about completing a transaction. Real estate buyer leads are pre-approved by a lender and an appointment is scheduled at your office. Real estate seller leads have expressed an interest in selling their home and would like to meet with a real estate agent in person to get a free market analysis or real estate consultation.

Q. What do you consider a valid appointment? What is your definition of a good real estate buyer lead, listing lead, mortgage lead, or contractor lead?

A. A valid appointment is somebody who:

1. Agrees to meet with a real estate agent, lender or contractor.

2. Wants to buy, sell, refinance, or make property improvements.

3. Shows up for the appointment.

4. Buyers are pre-approved by a lender.

Q. When you contact a prospect while making cold calls or canvassing, do you represent yourself as in connection/relationship to me and my company?

A. No we do not use your name when canvasing or making cold calls. Once an appointment has been scheduled, we will send the prospect your contact information.

Q. Typically once an agreement is signed, how long till you start generating appointments?

A. We start working on your campaign right away. It generally takes around two to three weeks to start receiving appointments.

Q. I have been burned so many times buy lead generation companies! How can I be sure this works?

A. We don’t just send you names and telephone numbers from the internet and hope you make a connection. We incubate the real estate leads until prospects are ready to meet in person. This makes a big difference when it comes to the quality of the leads and the closing ratio.  In addition, our membership has a service guarantee.

Are you ready to join as a member and start receiving quality real estate leads? The sooner you activate your membership, the faster we can start scheduling appointments! Just call (855) 221-4600, or activate online.