Mortgage Leads. Purchase Leads, and Refinance Leads

Thank you for your interest in MLS Real Estate Leads and Appointments's lead generation and appointment scheduling program for banks and mortgage lenders.

The way our mortgage program works is very simple:

  1. We schedule telephone  appointments and life transfers for purchase and refinance leads.
  2. You get exclusive mortgage leads and unlimited zip  codes.
  3. Your membership includes unlimited cold calling operator hours and we develop local mortgage guides for every zip code in your target market.  We also advertise and use social media to generate leads.
  4. We generate thousands of referrals from buyers monthly, and we offer prospects a chance to find the best lender with the lowest rates or the best loan programs.
  5. Purchase leads are $25 per telephone appointment and refinance leads are $50 per telephone appointment.  We have a minimum order  of five thousand dollars.  Any bad lead will be replaced with no questions asked.

We generate leads by offering consumers the chance to connect with the best top-rated lender in their market who can get them the lowest rates or the best loan programs.  We also generate thousands of buyer leads every month.

MLS Real Estate Leads and Appointments offers exclusive purchase and refinance leads ready to complete a loan application.  We advertise nationally, make cold calls in your target zip codes,  and manage over 1,500 real estate marketing websites.  When you have a chance to work with an exclusive lead ready to complete an application, your conversion ratio will increase tremendously because we filter out the bad leads.

Since 1994, management has been generating leads and developing custom business software for brokers and mortgage banks.

Please feel free to activate online, call our membership office, or chat live.