Sample Real Estate Seller Leads and Scheduled Appointments

U.S. Seller Leads and Appointments only sends you a seller lead when a prospect is ready to meet in person. Buyers are preapproved by a lender. We also purchase real estate directly in certain markets through our network of agents and brokers.

All prospects are ready to meet in person.

Please listen to the audio files on this page with examples of inbound and voice mail messages.

If you want to  hear more sample leads, please call (855) 221-4600.

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Real Estate Seller Lead
Seller Prospects Requesting Appointments
Real Estate Seller Lead - Farm, House, 52 acres
Commercial Real Estate Seller Leads - City Block, Four Lots, Two Buildings
Exclusive Seller Lead With Scheduled Appointment April 1, 2019
Real Estate Seller Lead March 29, 9AM
Voicemail Messages March 29, 2019, Real Estate Seller Leads
Seller Lead. Two properties. Scheduled April 1, 04:00pm
House, Pool, Half Acre
Three Family Property
Example of Daily Voicemails Call Center is Confirming Appointments
Appointment Alert: April 5, 02:00pm. House, 23 acres, vegetable garden. two barns.
Appointment Alert: Seller lead. Exclusive. Duplex. - Thinks property worth 800k/900k. Call (855) 221-4600
Appointment Alert: April 6, 2019, 01:00pm. Seller with nine properties.
Appointment Alert: Seller. Eleven rental homes on same block. Purchasing apartment buildings and houses in different market.
Appointment Alert: April 8, 2019, 02:00pm. Seller. Five homes. Three homes with pool.
Appointment Alert: April 8, 4pm. Seller. Multiple properties. Wants value on four properties and wants to sell one.
Appointment Alert: April 6, 3pm. April 9, 1pm. April 9, 5pm. Confirmed. Call (855) 221-4600 for exclusive leads..
Seller Appointment: April 10, 11:00am. Luxury property. Cottage. Multiple homes.
Appointment Alert: Real estate seller lead. Exclusive prospect. Seven homes. Multiple states. Call (855) 221-4600.
Appointment Alert: Five appointments. House, gated community, farm, commercial/retail, seven unit apartment building, duplex.
Appointment Alert: Seller. Two properties, industrial land by railroad, and home in gated community. Call 855-221-4600.
Appointment Alert: April 20, 1pm. Seller. Five bedroom home in gated community.
IJMLS Appointment Alert: Exclusive real estate seller lead with four bedroom house, two cottages, and twenty acres. Appointment
Appointment Alert: April 27, 01:00pm. Seller with large house, twenty acres and sandwich shop with commercial condo.
Appointment Alert: Seller with Triplex and house. Home Sold for 1.2 million in 2016.
Appointment Alert: May 1, 11:00am. House, pool, half acre. Call (855) 221-4600
Seller Appointment: Duplex in great location. Scheduled today at 05:00pm.
Appointment Alert: May 23, 4pm. Seller with six homes. Call (855) 221-4600 or activate onlne.
Appointment Alert: May 28, 3pm. Seller with twelve properties. Portfolio of ten in Texas.
Appointment Alert: 05/31, 1pm. Seller with twenty-three properties. Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada
Appointment Alert: Seller prospect. Relocation.
Appointment Alert: Residential and commercial. Two homes, commercial building, six tenants. Scheduled tomorrow, 2pm.
Seller with six unit apartment building.
Seller with eighteen properties in three states.
Appointment Alert: House with large back yard.
Seller Appointment: Prospect wants to sell house.
Relocation Appointment: Daughter wants to sell house and buy in 55+ for mother.
Appointment Alert: Seller with fifteen unit luxury apartment building, pool, and fitness center.
Appointment Alert: Prospect wants to sell house and buy in 55+.
Appointment Alert: Prospect thinking about selling three bedroom house.
Appointment Alert: Five leads to schedule. Appointment with prospect with small hranch, large house, and 3 more to confirm.
Appointment Alert: Five messages from today. We are calling back to schedule an appointment.
Appointment Alert: Feb 22., 01:00pm. House with large yard and gruit trees.
Appointment Alert: 02/26, 2PM. Commercial building on corner. Restaurant and office building.
Appointment Alert: 02/28, 2PM. Duplex with pool and yard.